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Studiomakers is a non-incorporated alliance of organisations that understand the importance of affordable creative workspace for the diversity and cultural life of cities. Studiomakers partners engage – ideally at the planning stages – with developers and boroughs across London to explore ways to integrate or retain affordable creative workspaces in new and existing mixed use developments. With the aim to create destinations of real cultural value, we advocate for the provision of creative workspaces that will enable an organic and active growth of productivity, thus achieving places of genuine community engagement. Studiomakers looks to realise more productive use of affordable commercial space in London, rather than the often sterile primacy of retail and consumption.
Studiomakers is an intiative led by Outset Contemporary Art Fund in support of the Mayor of London‘s mission to protect affordable space for artists.

Key Goals

      1. Responding to the predicted loss of up to 3,500 creative workspaces in London by 2020;
      2. Ensuring creative workspace is protected at genuinely affordable rates for the long term;
      3. Providing access to more spaces to enable expert-led provision of affordable workspace by existing operators.

How We Work

Two areas of focus:

        1. Drawing resources from and brokering relationships with the property industry, from local authorities to landowners and private developers, to identify new spaces that studio operators can run as affordable creative workspace.
      1. Working with the Mayor of London and Arts Council England to raise a multimillion pound fund to enable the acquisition of assets that will be held in a trust entity in perpetuity for use by creatives. This will be achieved through a combination of philanthropic and public grants and social investment. The trust entity will let properties to existing studio operators to support workspace provision to the artist and creative community.

Our Journey So Far

In 2014 the Mayor of London commissioned the Artists’ Workspace Study, which predicted the possible loss of up to 3,500 artists’ workspaces in the coming 5 years, with evidence that many artists are opting to move abroad to cities like Berlin, Dublin and Brussels. It is expected that losing these studios and the resulting depletion of dynamic, young talent in London will lead to a sterile and lacklustre city. Inevitably this will have knock-on effects for the creative industries, tourism, the quality of life in London, and reduce the pull factors of the UK business environment. Studiomakers was launched in March 2016 at an event hosted at Antony Gormley’s studio in central London.


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